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mp design

MP Design produces bespoke websites and marketing material, specialising in the arts sector and artist's own professional websites.  

We know being freelance is tough, so we offer a very reasonable setup and design rate and include a tutorial to make it easy for artists to manage their own site (if they want to!). 

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website services

I'm an artist myself (read more about me here) and having learned HTML and CSS code back when I did my first professional websites, I now almost exclusively use Wix, and sometimes Wordpress and Squarespace. This enables the client to maintain and edit the site without the need for code. 


I charge a one-off flat fee for artists' portfolio websites, including a tutorial which will cover all the necessary bases of maintenance, and can offer site maintenance for a very reasonable cumulative hourly rate. 

For more complicated sites, please contact me for a detailed quote.

design services

I've designed PR material for several organisations (as well as my own!) and am always happy to collaborate on logo, branding and event publicity design (including digital and printed media.

Please contact me if you need anything - I will always be happy to collaborate and find solutions.  I'm also happy to work on an online platform such as Canva so you can be part of the design process.

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Thanks for submitting!

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