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We can transcribe music from a recording and produce a musical score which, when performed from, recreates the original sound of the piece. We go through the score in meticulous detail so that any mistakes or imperfections may be corrected. Dynamics and articulation marks are then added producing an accurate musical score in identical instrumentation which remains true to the composer and to the piece. 


Music engraving (or copying/typesetting) - is the transformation of a handwritten or problematic manuscript into a typeset, printable musical score. Detail is imperative, and every note and articulation is exactly as the writer of the manuscript intended. The music engraving service is aimed at composers and arrangers who have a handwritten manuscript of their composition, arrangement or transcription and require a printable typeset version, but there can be other instances as well.


We can arrange any given piece of music for a different instrument/group of instruments. The new arrangement must usually be recognisable as the original piece, with any lyrics, basic melody and chord structure basically intact. The music arranging service is most often used by established instrumental ensembles, specialised opera companies and educational institutions.  There is, of course, no end to the possibilities. 



We can extract, edit and prepare orchestral parts for any ensemble, whether we have orchestrated the full score or not.  This service includes editing at an hourly rate and printable PDFs.  We can also print parts ready for distribution and send them for ensembles who may not have a music librarian.  If the full score is not one we've made ourselves and there is no Sibelius file available for the full score, a typesetting charge would be additional. 


Score proofreading requires a very detailed eye and we have four between us! We are experienced score proofreaders and editors and can include this service with any project or, if you have a score that requires proofreading in preparation for submission for a proposal or recording for instance, we'd be happy to go through and check it in fine detail for you. We will always track and list changes for reference. 


We've had many projects in the past, especially for singers, that have required  straight typesetting from score to provide a transposed score. These may be for auditions with additional ornamentation, or for Baroque concerts, for instance, when a score needs to be transposed down to Baroque Pitch for performance with modern-pitched instruments.  This service is provided at the same rate as engraving.


We were engaged for a major transcription project for soprano, Máire Flavin and the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra.


The Learning and Participation Department of The Royal Opera House commissioned arrangements of famous opera choruses for their opera in schools project.

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