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It can be tricky to figure out exactly what will be charged until an original score or recording (for transcription) has been sent through, but do take a look at our guide below or contact us for a quote by emailing here 


Direct page to digital input: £0.40-£0.60 per single-stave bar 

These can be provided in both .sib and .pdf files with multiple transpositions, as well as converted to midi if required. 

This rate is negotiable depending on the complexity of the transcription.

For vocal scores (keyboard + voice), a rate of £17.00 per page applies, depending on complexity (it generally equates to £0.50 per-single-stave bar rate).


£5.86 per bar Up to 6 players

£6.82 per bar 7 - 14 players

£8.77 per bar 15 - 27 players

£9.74 per bar 28 - 60 players

£11.75 per bar 60+ players in a conventional ensemble (eg symphony orchestra)

£12.66 per bar 60+ players in a compound ensemble (eg orchestra & choir) or unconventional line-up

Signature Tunes, Radio/TV Idents etc 100% extra


Original material - Compositional element of arrangement 100% extra

STANDARD HOURLY RATE: (9am to 9pm) £68.01 per hour (or part thereof) Consultation, routining, audio transcription, taking down from dictation, standing by, arranging/converting from an electronic format, etc (Includes collection/delivery time and travel time if requested)

MUSIC PREPARATION STANDARD HOURLY RATE: (9am to 9pm) £42.24 per hour (Includes collection/delivery time and travel time if requested)



Single stave parts £4.72 per page

Double stave/single stave with other components (including lyrics) £9.45 per page

Triple stave and above (eg incorporating conductor, rehearsal keyboard, choir) £14.20 per page

Copying full score/multiple staves - By negotiation

Tacet sheets £1.34 per page

Reducing score to rehearsal keyboard part (including copying) £5.86 per bar

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